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The End?

By [Admin] Filid - Posted Oct 5, 17

Hey guys. You know we work pretty hard to discourage the wholesale wrecking of biomes for economy, or the raiding of rare locations for the same. That's why you can't sell sponge or mycelium to the /market. Because we have no plans to reset the world, but want everyone to have a chance to go find and explore things. It's why we expanded both the main world and The End recently. Most of you all are pretty good about playing fair- while I know there are some of you who could destroy every sea temple, level every mushroom island, and generally leave nothing for others on the server, you don't because you are an awesome community.

However in the last few days, one of your fellow players decided that since The End had been expanded, that was an invitation to remove every dragon head and elytra they could find... to the point that anyone else wanting to explore The End would need to travel a ridiclous length from the main island to find anything besides endermen, chorus fruits and death. While we make it our policy not to reset worlds, the Bear Nation staff is strongly considering a complete wipe on The End so that there is opportunity for all. We know some of you have built out there though, so before we do so we wanted to hear from the community via a simple Yes/No vote on a reset- this reset would only apply to the End, nothing you have built on any other world would be affected.

Please join our discord server to vote directly on the post (it will be in #annoucements)

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