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[Owner] Pugabyte posted Jun 20, 17  -  InfoNew

Bear Nation now has its fouth gamemode, Skyblock!

After a lot of beta testing, we are finally ready to release skyblock to you! 

Currently, this gamemode is only available to Member+ players and above. As we iron out the bugs and features of skyblock, this may change (as it did with creative previously). 

For those of you who don't know what skyblock is, it is a version of survival with lot more difficulty. You start off on an island floating in the sky above the endless void with only a small set of materials (and a delicious cow). You have to use Minecraft mechanics and something called "Challenges" to grow your tiny little island into an empire.

Challenges allow you to trade effort, skill, time and items for new items. For example, turning in 64 cobblestone, obtained by using a cobblestone generator for a while, will give you 4 leather (the first time). As you progress through the challenges, they get harder and harder, and the rewards get better, too.

Please make sure to read the Skyblock wiki as it has a *lot* of important information regarding the new gamemode. 

As always, you can access skyblock with the `/warps` menu or with `/skyblock`. Read the holograms or the wiki to help you get started.

Also as always, if you encounter any bugs, have any suggestions or just have a question, please don't hesitate to contact staff. We're here to help.


Side note: The Skyblock Market and VPS are not yet released, but will be coming in the next few weeks.


[Owner] Pugabyte posted May 24, 17  -  ChangelogDevelopmentInfoNew

As you have realized, the frequency of updates on the home page has significantly reduced, since we are now using Discord to announce most changes. Here's a summary of what's happened in the past 2 1/2 months:

Plugins and in-game features:

  • Our chat plugin has been updated, hopefully fixing the /r bug
  • /alerts have been completely re-coded, reducing the amount of bugs/compatibility issues it had with our chat plugin. If you have not used Alerts, check out the wiki - they are pretty neat!
  • Some lesser-known but useful commands, such as /playersearch and /swl, have been added to the auto-announcements
  • Added a /homes limit command to view how many homes you have set and how many homes you can set total. This is also available in the edit menu. Thank you to Pandatai for the suggestion
  • Added /cmodifyall command - use multiple arguments to allow all your friends to all of your LWC protections at once!
  • Added DailyRewards- a custom plugin that gives you rewards for logging in every day. Use /dailyrewards to claim your prizes. As your streak increases, the rewards become more special. Who can get to 30 first!?


  • There is now a wiki page for Discord
  • Discord's #muted channel and the ingame channel Discord now bridge together - type /discord muted to view #muted -> in-game messages, and type /ch d to send in-game -> #muted messages
  • You can now link your Discord and Minecraft accounts together to gain access to a cool set of features such as voting reminders and Discord <-> in-game private messaging. Use /discord link or visit the wiki for more information.

Beta site:

  • The beta site has been moved back to it's original domain,, and has had HTTPS re-enabled.
  • Check out some of Bear Nation's amazing builds in our showcase! Huge thanks to Mr_Babyeater for spending multiple hours gathering the pictures featured in the showcase.
  • Have any suggestions for Bear Nation countdowns?
  • Also check out the More nav bar menu for some cool pages.


  • April Fools - We all had tons of fun being TheEpicScrub for a day, and preparing for our switch to Factions.
  • Easter egg hunt - Lots of people participated in the wonderful easter egg hunt and got some cool prizes. The eggs are still scattered around the warps, but the prizes have been removed. Feel free to continue to hunt for them!
  • As always, our minigame nights are tons of fun. The most recent minigame night, we were joined by VanDerProtofsky and a couple of his friends; shoutout to them for making the night pretty awesome! It was wonderful to meet all of you
  • Happy birthday to Filid, powerade97, Noahkiq and WaffleJr!


  • Added an expirimental address for connecting to the server - if you are in Europe and have a slow connection, try using this address instead of the main address ( and see if your connection improves. Please tell me the results so I can know if it is an effective solution! Huge thanks to VanDerProtofsky for providing the french server for this feature.
  • 1.12 is on the way- we expect to update pretty quickly after it's release.
  • What's this spooky "Coming soon" item in the warps menu? hmm...

For more up-to-date information and immediate support, please join our Discord! (voice not required!) 

Adventure maps??

[Owner] Pugabyte posted May 2, 17  -  InfoNew

Oh, hi there! I have a nice surprise for you!
Bear Nation now has adventure maps! As of today, we are officially releasing the first map - named "Stranded"

You read me.

No, really. What are adventure maps?
Adventure maps are amazing, fun worlds that have a storyline and challenges to them. They are an adventure that you can take solo or in a group and face off against puzzles, riddles, and mobs as you uncover the storyline!

Oh, that's really neat!
I know, right? It's really just somewhere to go and something to do when you don't want to do survival. For "Stranded" in particular, the world has keepinventory on so that if you die, you don't lose anything. But you can't bring your own gear into it! It's a completely separate inventory.

Who can play?
Any member or above. This map was designed for solo play or small groups- We found that 1-4 players at once works best- but there’s no limit to how many can join.

But what happens if someone else completes it?
No worries! The world resets every 6 hours so that everyone can have a fair chance at getting the stuff inside and completing the story. It won't reset your inventory, just put puzzles and treasures back for the next person. Staff can also trigger more frequent resets by request if the situation warrants it

How do we get there?
Just use /stranded to get started on your adventure.

I left the world (or it reset, or I died), how do I get back to where I was?
Well, if you were smart, you used /sethome to add a home to where you were in Stranded before you left.

But I don't have any more homes!
Well, you could buy a few more from our donation store...... OR there are beds all over this adventure map. Since the time is always night, just sleep in any bed to create a save point. The next time you want to return, use /stranded again, and then simply use /suicide to return to the last bed you slept in on this map. Since KeepInventory is turned on you won't lose anything, just be moved to the last bed you slept in. Don't forget to sleep in beds or update your home location as you move around the world to avoid having to retrace your steps.

Hoppy Easter!

[Owner] Pugabyte posted Apr 16, 17  -  Events

Its been a while since we held an event for you all, so we thought we'd kick Spring off right with an event full of fabulous prizes.

Yes. Prizes.

And how do we get these prizes?
Well, with a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt of course!

Hunt? You mean... like a scavenger Hunt?

Oh God
No, no wait, relax. This won't be like the statue hunt.

You sure?
Welll.... I mean, a little? There are 53 eggs scattered across the worlds.

Yeah, but some most of them are easy. And all of them give prizes. Like, immediate, no putting in a ticket, instant gratification prizes.

B-but 53?
Okay, here's the deal. In the WARPS we have hidden easter eggs. No eggs are found outside of the warp regions, but they can be in any of the warps- survival warps, creative, game lobby, donor perk testing area. ANY warp. But only in the warps. No walking all over the world. I promise. If you find one, you click it. You will get an immediate prize (make sure you have inventory space before you click- you only get once chance per egg). Now, they can be anywhere inside the protected region around a warp- anywhere. Look high, look low, look carefully. All of them are "eggs."

Okay, that sounds easy enough...
It is, it really is. You will have two weeks, starting from now. On top of getting the prizes per-egg (which everyone can get) the first person to find all 53 and put in a /ticket with get a very special prize! (to be announced). Remember, every egg you find is more prize for you. Even if you don't find them all, just keep your eyes peeled and get some egg-citing prizes.

A Pun! Why have you betrayed me?!?
Shut up Leroy.

What if this is harder then you say?

Well, starting sometime around the 5th day (watch this space for the exact announcement) a book of clues to all most of the eggs will be available with /kit egg. It's not ready available yet, to give folks a chance to try without help. But no doling out one and two clues at a time. Just /kit egg and check out the hints for all most of them at once.

Anything else we should know?

Not really.  The eggs come in all colors, but one sort of blocky shape. They will only be within the region of the warp, or the area if there is no region (survival warps have regions that extend until you hit the "you have exited <warp>. Building enabled, have fun!" message). Nothing will be outside those areas, but they can be anywhere accessible inside them. Remember you only get one chance at opening each (just right click the egg) so make sure your inventory has some empty space as there may be several things inside one egg.  Some eggs may also give economy or vote point rewards instead of objects, so if you think you didn't get anything, check chat for a message telling you what you won.  They can be at any warp accessible to all players through the /warps menu.

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