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[Owner] Pugabyte posted Feb 18, 18  -  ChangelogCustomDevelopmentInfoNew

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I posted one of these, so its a pretty big one. Make sure to join our Discord for much more current news and immediate support.


- Server updated to 1.12!
- /allrecipes - Turns off the "New Recipes" notification in top right corner
- /list and /who is now clickable and hoverable with QuickAction menu
- The world was expanded by 2,500 in every direction (for a total of 17,500)
- /concrete - Exchange your Concrete Powder for Hardened Concrete without having to use water
- Server updated to 1.12.1!
- Added a stopwatch
- Added measurement commands: /measure <1|2>
- /status [on|off] - Toggle an informational scoreboard on the righthand side of your screen
- You can now post dynmap links in chat (Thanks VanDerProtofsky)
- /chairs sit or /sit - Sit in a chair regardless of whether it has signs on the end (Thanks TheEpicScrub)
- Server updated to 1.12.2!
- /mutemenu - You can now silence different parts of chat using this simple menu
- /push [on|off] - Toggle collision with mobs
- /fixghostblocks - Use this when you have invisible blocks
- /alerts now pays attention to Discord Bridge messages


- /ps silktouch <on|off> - Toggle mining Protection Stone ores with Silk Touch. When enabled, it will give you a piece of wool that will act as a placeholder; when you place this wool, it will turn back into the ore without creating a Protection Stone field. Useful for decorating with ores.
- Four new warps, three by ThunderShock and one by Locklan/smithyau, plus one remade by Zizitt
- KillerMoney now supports all mobs
- DailyRewards rewards extended by 30 days; you now earn rewards for up to 60 days of consecutive playtime!
- After a vote of 26-0, we reset the end because it had become too raided to allow players to experience raiding their first End City.
- /mcmmoreset - Reset your maxed out mcMMO skills for special rewards found nowhere else on the server!
- /shops visits will show you how many times your shop has been visited in the past month
- DailyRewards now requires you to play for 15 minutes per day before allowing you to claim the reward. It will also detect and prevent players from using MineChat to increase their streak.
- Homes Menu update: A much cleaner, faster, less buggy menu with some super cool features such as changing the item a home displays as to make it easier to find it. 
- VPS update - New items, new prices, cleaner and faster menu
- The Shub, a hub for all things economy, with warps to all the public markets, tutorials and more
- The dog AI was fixed, making dogs useful again!


- Always forgetting when Minigame Night is? Have KodaBear remind you on Discord! Use /discord mgnr ingame to set up reminders.
- Added clickable in-game messages to Minigames to allow you to switch to your team's voice channel during minigames.
- Added in-game team chat channels.
- New MinigameNews role on Discord to follow Minigame announcements. Use !subscrube minigames in any discord channel
- A new lobby minigame: Connect4! WakkaFlocka239 has helped us bring this classic game into Minecraft.


- WorldEdit sand sphere brush fixed. Use //br sphere sand -f


- Skyblock! See the original post for more information
- Skyblock opened to Members

Adventure Maps

- Re-enabled our adventure map, Stranded, after it being disabled for some time due to a server-crashing bug.


- Discord Bridge! Much like IRC, Discord now has a "bridge" to in-game chat. Complete with role colors, announcements, and more, you'll never miss a thing!
- Our tweets now send to #general on Discord
- You can now @mention players from in-game with their in-game name if they have their Discord and Minecraft accounts linked with /discord link
- Discord bridge now displays links to attachments in-game


- Huge overhaul & moved off of enjin:
- Disguise and pet packs re-arranged a little and lowered price
- Pet plugin changed but features remain the same
New perks:
- /itemname - Change the name of the item you are holding to whatever you type, with color and formatting support.
- NPCs - Fake players/mobs with many different cool tricks up their sleeves
- Firework Bow - A chance to launch a firework along your bow's arc.
- AutoSort and Prefix are now available for purchase for one month at a time
- Leroy Signal - A rainbow beacon! (Leroy summoning not guaranteed)


- Ore Hunt (Congrats Maxtendo)
- 2 year anniversary! To celebrate, we created a history walkthrough (/warp 2y) and a screenshot album.
- Happy Birthday to WaffleJr, Pugabyte, JustSteveThings, Sukhy, Warrior_Tark, _leroy, and GoddessOfNyx
- Ore Hunt 2 (Congrats Warrior_Tark)
- Vote Reward 1: VPS Sale!
- Pugmas village #3
- Scavenger Hunt 2: Attack of the Statues (Congrats WakkaFlocka239)

Staff Changes

- JustSteveThings to Minigame Moderator - 6/10/17
- TheEpicScrub to Operator - 6/29/17
- Locklan/smithyau to Moderator - 7/17/17
- GoddessOfNyx to Moderator - 9/8/17
- Linkinhood to Moderator - 9/12/17
- mrfishguy12 to Moderator - 9/19/17
- thepongodongo to Moderator - 9/19/17
- PochipX to Minigame Moderator - 10/4/17
- Warrior_Tark to Moderator - 12/6/17
- chopinliszt to Moderator - 12/8/17
- Camaros to Moderator - 12/30/17
- MinecraftKairi to Minigame Moderator - 1/6/18
- Pandatai to Operator - 2/17/18

- powerade97 from Builder - 6/24/17
- WaffleJr from Moderator - 6/30/17
- Warrior_Tark from Moderator - 8/23/17
- smithyau from Moderator - 9/21/17
- Noahkiq from Minigame Moderator - 10/22/17
- Sukhy from Minigame Moderator - 10/22/17
- thepongodongo from Moderator - 10/30/17
- Pandatai from Operator - 12/11/17
- chopinliszt from Moderator - 2/9/18


- New domain ( ->
- All DJs were accidentally cleared from Dubtrack. If you don't have the DJ role, please contact a staff member so you can have permissions again
- New rule: Survival Rule #5: Be considerate of other and future players when exploring the worlds/raiding generated structures. This means please do not raid every end city or overworld village, or claim rare structures. This is a community survival server, everyone should get a chance to experience raiding their first Village, Jungle Temple, Ocean Monument and End City. (Created in response to End Reset)
- Events Survey

We've heard your calls for a change in our shops system!


Since the very beginning of Bear Nation (over 600 days ago!), there have been many ideas for improvement that have come our way. pentiii outlined some of the ideas for improving our shops system beautifully in his suggestion a few months ago. Since then, the Bear Nation staff have been discussing and slowly developing what I am proud to announce to you today.

First, we have two new player markets! Both built by our lovely powerade97 (with a little help from JustSteveThings), they provide a central location for players who don’t want to build their own shop structures.  Of course, those who want to build independently, and those of you who have already put considerable time and effort into building your independent shops are free to continue to do so in the survival world.


The Mall of Emporia

This modern mall contains 24 rooms that players can fully customize! Each shop has an area of 154 blocks.


Eastwell Plaza

A medieval town that contains 32 pre-built shops! Shop areas range from 84 blocks to 154 blocks.


Visit each with /shops list or with /mall and /plaza respectively.


We decided to build two different player markets to allow players to still have some freedom when designing their shop in an admin-controlled environment. While these are the only two that we will have for now, if you have any requests for a new style, please send them our way and we will happily consider them!

But that's not all! Not even close!

Shops list

As you have already seen, the /shops list has been moved out of chat and into a more organized menu. This menu now includes sub-menus for each of the player markets, which will contain a warp to the Mall or Plaza, as well as individual warps for each individual shop set inside of them. (For example, if you set your shop warp inside the Mall, your head will appear in the Mall sub-menu)

Shop description

You can now change the purple 'lore' shown under your name in the /shops list! With a max of 5 lines and 25 characters each, you can provide a quick description to show consumers what your shop includes and entice them to visit!


To edit your shop's description, use /shop desc.

Shop logging

Ever gone around to each of your signs to check if there's anything new to collect from them, or to check if they are out of stock? Find this tedious? *I can fix that!*

/shop history
- This command will print a log of every item that has been purchased in your shop since you last checked. For example, if someone buys $100 worth of dirt, this command will tell you `$100 was spent on dirt`. The log will clear each time you run the command.

/shop stock
- This command will show you what is out of stock in your shop; each item will stay on the list until you restock it.

Hopefully this will save you some time and frustration, as well as make it easier to manage your shop.

Tab completion

Forget what the command was? Type `/shop`, press space, and then press tab, and chat will give you a list of all the things you can do with shops!

Q & A

Q: Can I have more than one shop in the player markets?
A: No, only one

Q: Can I set a shop warp in a player market, and a shop warp at my custom shop in the survival world?
A: Not with `/shop set`. You may use a `/sethome` at your survival shop, however, if your shop in the player market does not contain a decent amount of actual trade signs, you may be evicted!

Q: Wait, evicted?
A: Yes, in order to keep your space in the player markets, your shop must contain items for sale, and remain in stock.  If your shop remains low stock or out of stock for too long, you will lose your lease and your items/stored profit will be returned to you. Additionally, if you have an independent shop in the survival world that remains out of stock for too long, your warp will be removed from the list until you begin stocking your shop again. 

Q: What qualifies as “low stock”?
A: If you only have a few trade signs, or an excessive number of them remain out-of stock for too long. There is not a hard-and-fast number, but will be at the discretion of staff.  You will receive one warning via our in-game postal system. 

Q: How can I customize my shop in the player markets?
A: In the mall, the existing quartz walls, roof and floor will be removed so you can completely customize your shop. In the plaza, you may not modify the existing structure, only furnish the interior and patio area.

Q: Anything else I should know about before requesting a shop in a player market?
A: Each shop may not have more than 10 entities (such as item frames and armour stands).


Have any more questions? Please don't be afraid to ask a staff member! We are always happy to help.

We greatly appreciate everyone who has provided us with ideas over time, and we really hope you enjoy this new system. As always, questions, bug reports and feedback are welcome and encouraged.



Over the past few days I have been transferring all of our services to a new server (aka computer in a warehouse). This server is in the same datacentre, and has the same hardware, but we now have a new and fresh operating system, 100gb extra space, and a few other backend improvements to allow me to continue to develop the server. 

By now, everything should be in working order and you should not notice a difference. If, however, you are unable to connect to the minecraft server or any of our other services, please contact a staff member either through IRC or Discord for further instructions. Thank you for your patience!

I'll just take a moment to announce some of the recent updates to the server as well (all these are posted immediately on discord- join us there for more up-to-date information!):

  • /alerts are now compatible with IRC
  • /wiki search <query> lets you search the wiki from ingame!
  • /currenttime <player> lets you see what time it is for other people.
  • The build contest was extended to the 9th of December.
  • _leroy has made a really neat custom theme for our IRC client! Check it out by clicking the 'chat' tab at the top of the page.
  • The market has been moved to a new location to reduce lag in spawn.
  • A tribute to all current and past Bear Nation staff members has been released, named the Hall of History. Check it out in the /warps menu!
  • TheEpicScrub and ModernCreator were promoted to Moderator! Congratulations you two!
  • Trizexar has stepped down from his position as Minigame Moderator and Builder. Thank you for being a part of this team Dan!
  • From now on, monthly top voter winners will be posted to discord only! Only the server-wide reward will be announced via the forums (and we will get to this month's server wide reward shortly as you reached 250 votes! (Don't forget to vote!))

For more up-to-date information and immediate support, please join our Discord! (voice not required!) 

A lingering spook?

[Admin] Filid posted Nov 20, 16  -  CustomInfoNew

So, autum is in full swing, the space build contest is going strong, and the game lobby has been restored back from the spoooky Halloween lobby.  Winter is coming, and our creative world is live but we still have a few surprises for you all in the works before the end of the yea...... Wait, whats this?

This just in ladies, gentlemen, teenage boys, and pugs- a Wither has been spotted on Bear Nation!

Our new wither arena is now open.  With a $50,000 entrence fee, you too can summon your own wither to participate in an epic battle and have a chance to win a nether star.

How do I get there?
You can access the wither arena through the /warps menu. Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking on the warp.

Do I need to bring my own supplies?
Yes. Your survival inventory is linked, so make sure you have what you need (and are willing to risk) to fight the Wither. You will also need to bring the materials to summon a wither. You can find them in player shops, at the /market or save a few bucks and go hunting the nether for them on your own.

You said a chance to win a nether star?
Yes, a chance. First you have to kill the Wither. Then there is a chance that you will win a nether star. If you defeat the Wither and don't win the star, you will win one of several other high level prizes. There will always be a prize for winning, but not nessessarily the one you expect. They are chosen at random from a pre-defined list.

What happens when I kill the wither?
The rewards will be automatically placed in your inventory. You will have 2 minutes to gather any XP, dropped items, etc, before you are teleported out of the arena. Any materials that you would have gotten from the arena (glowstone, quartz, netherbrick, netherrack) etc will be removed from your inventory. 

I was all by myself and I died! Can I get back in? 
Yes. When you die, you have 5 minutes to gear up again before the match will automatically end. You only get three lives, so gear up wisely. If you don't return within 5 minutes, the arena will reset, and you will have to start over (and pay the fee again.)

I don't want to pay, or win anything, I just want to fight. Can I?
Sometime in the near future I will copy and adapt the game so we also have a kit-based minigame.

The Wither is waiting.... so why are you?  Grab your gear and head to the Wither Arena. 

I've worked pretty hard on this and had some staff bug test it but there may still be bugs/exploits. If you find one, please let me know!

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