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I'm proud to announce that this Friday, June 29th, 2018, Bear Nation will turn 3 years old! This is a huge milestone for us, so the staff have been cooking up a very special week of events to celebrate and say thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far. We are calling this Bear Fair - a week long fair to be found floating in front of spawn with tons of fun little games, all for free. Additionally, we will be holding a new competition each and every day. Some competitions will be solo, others will allow teams to enter, and some will be held multiple times throughout the day. We will announce the details of each competition each day.

Throughout the week you will be able to earn Bear Fair Coins, a special currency for the event, from the fairgrounds games, and through the special daily events. And as your coins start to collect, you can visit the Bear Fair Exchangewhere we have designed some very special, never before seen prizes just for this occasion. We are still cooking up the details, so more specific information about the prizes will be released later this week.

The first competition starts on Friday June 29th, and the last competition will be on Thursday, June 5th. We hope to see you there! Be sure to join our Discord for all the latest info.

Hoppy Easter!

[Owner] Pugabyte posted Apr 16, 17  -  Events

Its been a while since we held an event for you all, so we thought we'd kick Spring off right with an event full of fabulous prizes.

Yes. Prizes.

And how do we get these prizes?
Well, with a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt of course!

Hunt? You mean... like a scavenger Hunt?

Oh God
No, no wait, relax. This won't be like the statue hunt.

You sure?
Welll.... I mean, a little? There are 53 eggs scattered across the worlds.

Yeah, but some most of them are easy. And all of them give prizes. Like, immediate, no putting in a ticket, instant gratification prizes.

B-but 53?
Okay, here's the deal. In the WARPS we have hidden easter eggs. No eggs are found outside of the warp regions, but they can be in any of the warps- survival warps, creative, game lobby, donor perk testing area. ANY warp. But only in the warps. No walking all over the world. I promise. If you find one, you click it. You will get an immediate prize (make sure you have inventory space before you click- you only get once chance per egg). Now, they can be anywhere inside the protected region around a warp- anywhere. Look high, look low, look carefully. All of them are "eggs."

Okay, that sounds easy enough...
It is, it really is. You will have two weeks, starting from now. On top of getting the prizes per-egg (which everyone can get) the first person to find all 53 and put in a /ticket with get a very special prize! (to be announced). Remember, every egg you find is more prize for you. Even if you don't find them all, just keep your eyes peeled and get some egg-citing prizes.

A Pun! Why have you betrayed me?!?
Shut up Leroy.

What if this is harder then you say?

Well, starting sometime around the 5th day (watch this space for the exact announcement) a book of clues to all most of the eggs will be available with /kit egg. It's not ready available yet, to give folks a chance to try without help. But no doling out one and two clues at a time. Just /kit egg and check out the hints for all most of them at once.

Anything else we should know?

Not really.  The eggs come in all colors, but one sort of blocky shape. They will only be within the region of the warp, or the area if there is no region (survival warps have regions that extend until you hit the "you have exited <warp>. Building enabled, have fun!" message). Nothing will be outside those areas, but they can be anywhere accessible inside them. Remember you only get one chance at opening each (just right click the egg) so make sure your inventory has some empty space as there may be several things inside one egg.  Some eggs may also give economy or vote point rewards instead of objects, so if you think you didn't get anything, check chat for a message telling you what you won.  They can be at any warp accessible to all players through the /warps menu.

Happy Hollidays!

[Vet] zizitto posted Nov 30, 15  -  EventsHolidaysInfo

Happy Hollidays to you all!

Well, maybe not just yet. But, to get into the seasons spirit we are giving you something special this year! Introducing, Bear Nation's very own Advent Calendar!

Now, it’s not some boring old piece of cardboard with a number slapped onto it with pictures of angels and santas inside and what not. No, we wanna give you some snazzy rewards for checking in daily here on BN! We’re talking items! Items that would humble even the mighty Steve himself! Well, maybe not too OP items, but certainly something worth your time.

So, between the 1st and 25th December there will be daily AdventChests hidden in a specially crafted village for the occation. Find the chests that corresponds with the same date as the day of your glorious winter egghunt, erhm I mean chesthunt, and open that puppy up!

You simply loot whatever is in the chest and run back to your base and put it in use or safe keeping.

Now thanks to FrozenDroid this isn’t some sort of race to whoever gets to the chest first, nuh uh, the chests are personalized and everyone gets a copy of the same rewards of each chests! This is possible due to a plugin that Frozen wrote for this special occasion! 

How to get to the Village:

You simply do /warp

This will open up a Menu where you can click a netherstar to be teleported to the Christmas Village.

We look forward to see you in game and claiming these tasty rewards on a daily basis during December! Ho ho ho! Have a good one and Merry Christmas!



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